Pricing + Services


Therapy sessions starting at $125/hour.

There is some opportunity for sliding scale fees, as necessary.


Individual Therapy

$125/hour — Individual therapy looks at helping clients achieve their goals, tackle the mental health challenges they have been facing and also help to assess areas that might need support. This includes managing diagnoses such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, and more.

Couples/Relationship Therapy

$125/hour — Challenges can come up in even the most solid relationships. Coming in and discussing the areas that need support or improvement can allow for your partner(s) to understand methods and reasons for the requests.

Family Therapy

$150/hour— Family Dynamics can be challenging to address, as there are different factors at play, including how parents’ were raised, as well as societal expectations.

Sex Therapy

$150/hour — Intimacy and sexual challenges can come up often in relationships. Open dialogue about sex, sexuality and intimacy can be a challenging aspect, which I can help facilitate.